Larry Flynt: An American Patriot

Larry Flynt is a personal hero of mine. Similar to him but to a lesser degree, I let it be known publicly that I enjoy porn and also have a progressive point of view. That doesn’t sound like a big deal but people are very close minded. I’ve had people look at my political posts in the past and say that maybe I should drop the pornographic posts because it might discredit my political ones, that conservatives will have something to use against me.

First off, conservatives have a history of voting for people who are anti-abortion and against gay marriage, claiming it ruins the sanctity of marriage, and yet these same politicians not only have affairs behind the backs of their wives or girlfriends but in the case of U.S. Representative Tim Murphy had his mistress get an abortion even though he’s pro life. Why should I try to form a public image of impenetrable mortality to a group who advocate for the most hypocritical scum in politics?

Second, I don’t really give a fuck what people think. Why in the hell would I stop posting humorous articles about porn that make me feel creative in order to feel more credible when I’m pointing out how awful Donald Trump is? Stop having fun and talk about Donald Trump everyday? I’ll leave that to the folks at MSNBC who most likely are more miserable than someone suffering from severe depression around the holidays.

Recently Larry Flynt has put out a $10 million offer to anybody who has information that will lead to the impeachment of Donald Trump. To those who don’t know Larry Flynt they’re probably rolling their eyes and considering this a ridiculous publicity stunt.

But Larry Flynt has done this before….

Most recent was September 7, 2012 when Flynt offered $1 million to anybody who had information on Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax returns. By the end of the month, Mitt Romney released his tax returns.

There is great reason for Mitt Romney to have felt fear when this offer was made. In 1998 when conservative politicians were going up against Bill Clinton during the impeachment trial brought on by the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Larry Flynt offered $1 million to anybody who had information on conservative politicians who were attempting to condemn the president of being sexually immoral while being immoral themselves behind closed doors.

Newt Gingrich, who was around this time the Speaker of the US House of Representatives stepped down for a variety of reasons from an ethics violation to Republicans having awful results in the 1998 congressional elections. It is also a possibility that Gingrich, who has a history of cheating on his spouses was doing so at this time and felt intimidated by Flynt’s bounty. The man who was supposed to be Gingrich’s successor, Bob Livingston actually had his political future ruined by this offer when someone did in fact give Larry Flynt information about Livingston’s extramarital affairs.

The person with this information became a millionaire and since Bob Livingston stepped down, Flynt didn’t publish the information.

And that gives you an idea as to how Larry Flynt’s talk of rewards isn’t just cheap publicity.

If that isn’t enough to give you an idea of how Larry Flynt is a true American patriot, just Wikipedia his legal battles in the past. These will demonstrate to you how this man is a veteran in the war on freedom of speech. It’s interesting to bring up freedom of speech since currently conservatives, a group who cried and wailed about Obama coming to take all of their guns away are now trying to ruin and destroy freedom of speech because people of color are taking a knee to spread awareness that they’re not ok with police brutality.

I thought the Republican Party was all about morality, not seeing how many different ways a group can be hypocritical.

Larry Flynt has been in court countless times fighting for his freedom of speech and using it as he pleases with Hustler magazine. The man has spent a few days in a jail cell because of this and had a case reviewed by the Supreme Court in 1981, the case which was used in the 1998 movie The People vs Larry Flynt, a great movie to watch if you wish to know more about Flynt and appreciate a well made film.

As if THAT isn’t enough to sell you on the idea of Larry Flynt being an icon of free speech, the man is paralyzed from the waist down because of the way he has exercised his freedom of speech. During an obscenity trial an attempt was made on Larry Flynt’s life when a sniper shot him. Years later the shooter was identified as a white supremacist who wanted Flynt dead after publishing an interracial photo shoot in Hustler.

Larry Flynt is an American icon. He’s a strong believer in the First Amendment and has a history of exposing the hypocrisy of conservatives who want to condemn people for being immoral while they themselves are going against their alleged beliefs behind closed doors.

If you fail to see how much of a patriotic American Larry Flynt is just because he works in the world of pornography, that’s fine because it’s unlikely that you’ve done as much to insure the idea of America isn’t destroyed like this man has.

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