Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #36: The Vault of Horror


The Vault of Horror, a follow up to 1972’s Tales from the Crypt is overall a decent horror film that seems to recapture the spirit of the first film. While a majority of this film is a decent view, the final segment I found to be quite mediocre and a horrible final sendoff that kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth even though most of the film isn’t all that bad.

Midnight Mess

By far the strongest segment in the film it features what Tales from the Crypt does best, a horribly villainous and despicable human being experiencing his comeuppances in a very comically macabre fashion. The reveal of the way he is to die is one of those scenes that makes for a very iconic final panel in a comic book.

The Neat Job

This is another great short where the ending is very much frame for frame something one would see in an enjoyable horror comic.

This Trick’ll Kill You

While Tales from the Crypt had two shorts where youth got their comeuppance for disrespecting their elders, The Vault of Horror features two shorts with people going into a foreign country and experiencing a fate for messing with traditions. Like the two segments previous to this one, there is a final reveal that is very much in the spirit of Tales from the Crypt.

Bargain in Death

In tradition with the macabre morality tales in Tales from the Crypt, a con artist duo discover a way to make a quick buck and suffer for their conniving ways.

Drawn and Quartered

While this short might be the most memorable because it features Tom Baker, I found this one to be quite mild and not as colorful as the other stories. This one, even though with interesting death reveals just comes across as something that takes itself a bit too seriously. The way Tom Baker’s character is written is quite odd and doesn’t seem to fit as a bitter artist with a stick over his ass due to getting screwed over who gets revenge on the bad guys and yet suffers a similar fate as they do just seems offbeat compared to what Tales from the Crypt does best.

He resorts to voodoo and the way stereotypical African drums play throughout the short induce eye rolling.


Overall The Vault of Horror for the most part delivers on what made the first one so great, but at the same time doesn’t really offer anything different or new. The first two segments are great and a lot of fun to watch while the final three feel like the so/so episodes of Tales from the Crypt.


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