Reader Beware, You’re In For A Scare #1: Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King

Stephen King has an incredible body of work, most is essential reading for any horror fan. So when something is forgotten or underrated, it’s certainly reasonable since nobody can keep track of all of King’s work.

A forgotten gem within King’s history is Cycle of the Werewolf, a novella which I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his Constant Readers passed over.

Cycle of the Werewolf is a great horror story. It’s short, sweet and gets right to the point. Perhaps it’s not as well-known as King’s other work since it doesn’t go into great detail like his most essential work, but I personally feel this is a fantastic read for fans of King and anybody looking through the horror section at their library looking for something they have yet to read

Cycle of the Werewolf tells the story of someone plagued with a werewolf curse who kills every full moon. Every chapter is a new month and describes that night and whoever the victim happens to be. In the second half of the novella we’re introduced to a reoccurring character, Marty Coslaw, a young boy in a wheelchair who is the only one who survives an altercation with the werewolf.

What makes this novella so incredible is that it’s packed with multiple beautiful illustrations by Berni Wrightson. The beautiful artwork from this talented artist makes this quick and brief read an incredible and thrilling one.

I mention it’s quite quick and brief and you might be wondering how quick it is. I have a bookmark that times how much I read and I clocked myself at finishing this story within 59 minutes.

Cycle of the Werewolf is a fun underrated gem within King’s massive bibliography. A brief blood splattered read that ends in just under an hour is no losing situation for any fan of horror.

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