Halloween Daily #6: So far, Jordan Peele’s Get Out is the Most Profitable Film of 2017


There are so many terrible horror films that are released on a regular basis.

-Dull pretentious horror films directed by hipsters where it’s obvious they want to be Stanley Kubrick.

-Remakes that attempt to be darker and more serious than the original while falling on their face.

-Just bad poorly written pieces of shit that remind you that horror was once considered barely a step above pornography.

While I have always enjoyed horror, it wasn’t until I saw Get Out in theaters that I realized exactly how much I love horror. After watching Get Out I realized that this is what a horror film was supposed to be. Actual horror, not a mediocre script that a director attempts to fix by adding loud music cues whenever someone leaps from the shadows in an attempt to distract from the mediocrity. Sure, I don’t think a horror film will reach the level of quality and achievement Jordan Peele accomplished on his first attempt in the genre for quite some time, but it couldn’t hurt them to try.

So it’s with great joy and pleasure I discovered that Get Out is the most profitable film of 2017. Costing around $4.5 million to make and grossing $252 million worldwide, the film brought in a 630% return on investment.

Hopefully this will not only open up Hollywood’s eyes to a return of making films that contain some level of quality but also more movies with African American directors and leads. Hollywood has always stated countries overseas just wouldn’t accept a black lead and with $77 million being made outside of the US for such a low budget film, Get Out has proved them wrong.


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