Halloween Daily #5: Evil Dead’s Ash Was To Kill Off Freddy Krueger “For Good”

After being in development hell for a number of years, dying and resurrecting like the two opponents in the film, one might think those behind Freddy vs Jason would’ve called it a day after finally getting the thing completed right?


Once Freddy vs Jason became the most profitable Jason film and the most profitable Freddy film (the 2010 remake would dethrone it), it seems New Line Cinema were already brainstorming ideas for Freddy vs Jason 2 two months after they FINALLY achieved the impossible feat of getting Freddy vs Jason into theaters.

In an article written by Bloody Disgusting, a rare internal memo has finally made it to the light of day describing the idea of having Evil Dead’s Ash finally putting Freddy Krueger to rest. This idea seems to have come to New Line after seeing how profitable Evil Dead/Ash merchandise has been after Army of Darkness, most notably the way Ash action figures had outsold Freddy and Jason in Todd McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs line.

After looking over these memos, perhaps my favorite part are the jabs towards other horror franchises in the introduction pitch. The first thing that’s mentioned is how Halloween: Resurrection has pushed away whatever profitable fanbase they achieved with Halloween: H20. It’s also mentioned that while Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees have gained popularity with home video releases and the internet, Pinhead has gone downhill…or straight to video.

It also seems Robert Englund was on board with the idea, mentioning that he had grown tired of portraying the character and felt Ash killing Freddy for good was better than another sixteen year old girl temporarily laying him to rest.

To read more about this and to see the New Line never before seen internal memos, check out the original article at Bloody Disgusting.


A version of the film that never made it past memo discussions did make it into a comic book series in 2008.

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