Halloween Daily #3: Michaels Is Already Selling Halloween Decorations

You read the headline correct, that arts and crafts store your grandmother used to drag you into is easily the coolest place.

It’s barely August but if you go into Michaels you’ll find everything you could ever imagine to decorate your home with for the most wonderful time of year, or like me things I intend to keep up all year round.

There’s beautifully carved craft pumpkins…

Halloween 1


Halloween 2

Beautiful gothic candelabras


My personal favorite, vintage Halloween tabletop decor that look like something you’d discover in an abandoned haunted mansion during the month of October.

Halloween 4

Halloween 5

Halloween 6

Halloween 7


And last but certainly not least, this year’s line of the Spooky Town village set pieces.

Halloween 8

Halloween 9

Halloween 10

Hallowen 11


So the next time you get a chance, stop by Michaels and give all of the great Halloween decorations they’re currently selling a look. Here’s a couple of things I’ve purchased as a way to say thank you to Michaels for selling such wonderful things with roughly 85 days until the most wonderful night of the year….but then again you’re probably beginning to realize Halloween is an everyday thing for me.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

As if things couldn’t get better, I received a 40% off coupon and came back the next day for this…….

unnamed (4)

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