Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #32: Friday The 13th

When watching the original Friday the 13th, it’s crazy to think what the series would soon become. A film franchise that begins with the tale of a crazed mother suffering from grief would morph into a mindless slasher about Jason Voorhees, a character whose sole appearance in the original is during a dream sequence. The only way to explain how the Friday the 13th sequels continued to be made even though they’re abysmal is a Hollywood conspiracy to brainwash the masses into forgetting Kevin Bacon appeared in the original.

The skintight speedo he wore in the film is perhaps why he rarely discusses the film in public.


Friday the 13th is one of those films that is part of the foundation of the slasher sub-genre. A key element of these early films is seeing the killer’s POV as victims speak towards the camera, having conversations even though the killer never replies to them. I feel like the Maniac remake is the first time we see a killer POV with the killer actually speaking back.

A very entertaining side character killed off in a not so entertaining sequel, Crazy Ralph. 


Friday the 13th holds up for fans of the genre. With the combination of Tom Savini’s amazing prop work, Sean Cunningham’s direction, Walt Gorney’s fun brief moments as Crazy Ralph and most notably, Betsy Palmer as Mrs. Voorhees, Friday the 13th possesses a level of quality that is never really seen again in the rest of the series.

And now time to bow before Tom Savini’s amazing prop work.

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