Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #31: Tales From The Crypt


The original Tales from the Crypt film still holds up as one of the strongest horror anthology films. It’s rare that all of the stories in a horror anthology film are worth sitting through and Tales from the Crypt’s five tales combined together make for a great film, something certainly worth viewing on a Friday night or during a cool night in October.

And All Through The House

This film opens up with perhaps Tales from the Crypt’s most notable story due to it getting an adaptation in this film as well as being in the first season of the Tales from the Crypt television show. This story to me is a great strong opening and as a lover of Christmas horror stories, this one is wonderful. I’ll have to remember to watch this around the holidays, at least to make it bearable when everybody is annoying me to no end, talking about watching Elf on television.

Reflection of Death

Like all the tales in this film, this story is about one of the most despicable human beings and the fate he soon suffers. The best stories within these old British horror anthology films are always about the worst human beings you could ever imagine and the fates they suffer. These films always successfully carved out the worst human beings you could ever imagine existing and Reflection of Death is certainly evidence of that.

Poetic Justice

A very strong story here that contains the perfect combination of the most despicable human being you could ever imagine and the perfect fate he meets. This is the first of two tales within this film that revolves around someone young or middle aged taking advantage of the elderly or seeing them as useless and not treating them like human beings. Who would’ve thought the best lesson you could ever get regarding respecting your elders would come from a horror anthology film?

Wish You Were Here

A retelling of The Monkey’s Paw with a brilliant ending, this segment is just another moment of Tales from the Crypt successfully putting their own spin on traditional horror stories best told around a campfire or read under the bedsheets.

Blind Alleys

The second segment featuring someone taking advantage of the elderly and the segment featuring the most notable celebrity in this film in the eyes of my generation, Patrick Magee from A Clockwork Orange as the leader of the blind elderly residents of a retirement home tired of being taken advantage of. The cruelty of the segment’s main character and the end he meets as always is a demonstration of Tales from the Crypt doing what they do best.

Overall this film is a great horror anthology film and certainly some of the best storytelling and pacing you’ll see in a horror anthology film. Whenever I watch a mediocre horror anthology film I wish they’d watch this or Creepshow before spending a great amount of time working on something that will only waste 90 minutes of my life.

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