Halloween Daily #1: Jeepers Creepers’ Director Victor Salva’s Sadistic Past and The Documentary His Victim Is Working On

Unfortunately, I’m about to start these daily posts related to horror with something very bleak, but the more people are aware of this the better.

Victor Salva, best known for directing Jeepers Creepers and currently working on the third installment was a sadistic child molester.

Nathan Forrest Winters, a child actor who worked on one of Salva’s earlier films was sexually abused by the director and was once even recorded being sexually abused by the director. When finally arrested for what Winters claims went on for six years, Salva was sentenced to a measly three years and only served eighteen months in a rehabilitation facility. He was released and not long after directed a film called Powder starring Jeff Goldblum that was financially successful and all seems to have been forgiven by Hollywood.

Nathan Forrest Winters is planning on making a documentary about his life changing abuse and if you want to contribute the link is here.


As mentioned, Salva is known best for the Jeepers Creepers films. It’s a sham such a cruel sadistic person created an iconic horror monster and while I’ll never say avoid Jeepers Creepers because of Salva, I certainly think it’s a shame and step back for humanity this man was easily forgiven for a cruel, sadistic act and soon got the chance to direct a horror film executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

If you wish to make it known you’re against Victor Salva working on Jeepers Creepers 3, there is an online petition.



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