Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #29: Slither

When Slither was released in 2006, even with critical acclaim and hype it was a box office bomb. That is a problem with film, it’s an art form where the product can be broken within a three day period. Thankfully, home releases give titles redemption.

The reason I can see why Slither failed is when this came out in 2006, it was by far the worst year for a horror comedy. The horror scene at the time was so deadly serious. Two of the biggest successes in the genre where The Hill Have Eyes Remake and Saw III, both films where the gore is at such an exploitative torture porn level and the tone is overly serious. Silent Hill, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The Omen remake, Final Destination 3 and Turistas were also horror films that year that featured a high level of gore with an overly serious tone.

Two other films from 2006, the Black Christmas remake and The Wicker Man took themselves so seriously that they became something that is like seeing a dark comedy directed by Ed Wood.

As you can see, horror audiences at the time were far too broken to appreciate a horror comedy.

As if that wasn’t enough working against Slither, there was an online community of nerds who were against Slither because it was too similar to Night Of The Creeps, a somewhat dumb thing to condemn a film for given that in the genre there’s countless zombie films but nobody feels the need to create backlash for George A Romero’s formula being constantly stolen.

Slither is a good horror comedy. I guess perhaps because I have seen and love Night of the Creeps that I’m not as in love with Slither as other people are. Personally, Tom Atkins will always be superior to Nathan Fillion.

Slither is definitely worth a view. My favorite part were the transformation of some characters due to the alien parasite that are reminiscent of the wonderful cult classic Society. There are also children who are taken over by creatures and anytime children are victims in horror films I must say I appreciate it because the easier path would be to have them get away.

The most Society part of the film. 


Slither is very much influenced by Night of the Creeps and in my opinion not better but still a horror film worth seeing. If there’s any horror film from 2006 worth mentioning, it’s Slither.



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