Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #27: Evil Dead (2013)

Fuck remakes.

It’s very rare I see a remake that offers something the original didn’t. Sure as a viewer I’ll give them a chance, but it’s usually the same crap every time. Remakes tend to be a mediocre script that gets greenlit because the film uses an established name to hide behind. It’s always odd when filmmakers feel wronged for being compared to the film they’re remaking while using the name of a financially successful product to make more money with less effort.

The Evil Dead remake plays like every other terrible horror remake of the past fifteen years. It’s similar to the original but far more serious and perhaps an extra bucket of blood. Perhaps this film would have had more to offer if the one interesting character, a drug addict attempting to go cold turkey isn’t a generic, embarrassing and cringeworthy demon for a majority of the film but it’s doubtful. Out of for respect for the original films, whatever these things are in the remake I won’t be calling Deadites.

The Evil Dead remake plays like something Eli Roth directed hungover after watching a marathon of Marilyn Manson videos. It’s dull, gloomy and the film equivalent to seeing a generic grunge band standing on stage doing a cover of a song you love, refusing the move as they look down at their Converse shoes while strumming an out of tune Fender.


PS- There’s also a “blink and you miss it” post credit sequence where Bruce Campbell looks at the camera and says “Groovy”, some kind of attempt to prove to the audience that this is in fact an Evil Dead film.

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