It Official Trailer #1

The official trailer for It was recently uploaded hours ago, adding more hype to an already hyped film. The ending to this trailer is truly great, a score being synced up with Georgie chanting over and over “You’ll float too” followed by one of The Losers in a room full of clown dolls where Pennywise leaps up and scares the hell out of him.

The film is shaping up to be a memorable adaptation.

Even in the early days of the project I couldn’t understand those who were mad that It was getting a film adaptation. The only adaptation was a network television miniseries directed by the man who gave us Halloween III: Season of the Witch, certainly nothing all that sacred.

There were also ramblings about the look of Pennywise and how the costume may or may not be as frightening. Personally the costume for the 2017 Pennywise I think is a perfect choice because it’s completely different from Tim Curry’s Pennywise and it showcases the ancient nature of the creature.

Here’s to hoping It is a great film and leads to a sequel being made with The Losers as adults that will be just as great.



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