Clips To Whack Off To #23: Daughter Swap- Fathers Trade Virgin Daughters On Prom Night

I like Riley Reid. She looks like the kind of girl who’s the most popular girl in her high school, hottest cheerleader that everybody thinks has a perfect life and then some nerdy Anthony Michael Hall type discovers her life isn’t perfect, her dad drinks because he lost his job at the factory and is sad that their mom died from cancer like three years ago and then they spend the night together and then Riley’s jealous ex-boyfriend, obviously played by William Zabka is hunting down Anthony Michael Hall with two other dudes who look like clones created in Ronald Reagan’s lab and they have some serious muscle with them who is a defensive lineman on the team but looks like a forty year old man who won’t take off his varsity jacket or shave his unibrow.

I really wish John Hughes was still alive to do a heartfelt sentimental porno with Riley Reid starring in it.

This clip is real fucking weird. Apparently it’s prom night and the two girls are getting ready and their dads are all pissed they’re going out with some dudes. They threaten the guys with guns and axes and then the girls return that morning and they’re blowing the dads. People might think this is fucked up but dads that are overly defensive about their daughters going out on a date 1.Are feeling guilty about some rapey stuff they did out on a date 15-20 years ago and 2.Probably wanna be the guy who gets to fuck their daughter.

Creepy dads switching daughters and taking their virginity, enjoy this clip that believe or not isn’t something produced by Cannon Films when Menaham Golan and Yoram Globus were running things.

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