Surprise Jams: Islands- Rynn

It seems that most mainstream pop is all about putting effort into sounding very generic. It amazes me how many songwriters are used for established names for a song that has the vocabulary of a fourth grader. Some well-known albums have a multi-million dollar budget and it doesn’t exactly show.

Pop can still be fun to listen to when it sounds organic and while randomly listening to the Pop Chillout playlist on Spotify I was reminded of this when hearing Islands by Rynn.

The song sounds simple while having a great sense of atmosphere to it that is very hypnotic. Rynn’s voice is very siren like, adding all the more to the hypnotic effect of this song. The chorus, unlike notable pop songs that sound forced and overly thought out has an organic feel to it I rarely feel from pop music.

A song perfect for a calm party or walking around alone at night with a pair of headphones, Islands is a perfectly crafted chill pop track.


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