Stranger Things Season Two Trailer Reaction


The trailer for the second season of Stranger Things was just uploaded and it looks amazing, truly building up the hype for a wonderful show.

The trailer has a great start. Nostalgia high for 80s babies when the kids go to a local arcade to play Dragon’s Lair. Then, Will hears his name being whispered by an unknown thing. He looks outside the arcade doors and sees the ash or snow like flakes that float in The Upside down. He calls for his friends, and turns around to see that everybody has disappeared before being pulled into The Upside Down. The Upside down as always looks beautifully horrific. It’s a place full of wonder that truly captures the dark side of your imagination similar to the stories written by Clive Barker.

Just before returning to reality, Will looks up in the red orange colored sky with lightning striking down and sees a gigantic unknown tentacle creature. I’ll fallen in love with the image of this unknown creature filling the skies the moment I saw it during the Super Bowl. The horror of this creature most likely capable of ending the world as we know it is just enthralling for someone who loves horror.

Side Note: Remember Trick Or Treating before Christians and dull parents came up with Trunk Or Treating? Yeah, fuck those cunts.


Throughout the trailer we see images that hint at numerous creatures breaking free from The Upside Down and invading our world. There’s a quick shot of numerous unhatched egg pods in broad daylight. There also seem to be portals from The Upside Down appearing at numerous locations throughout Hawkins.

By far my favorite part of this perfect trailer is Michael Jackson’s Thriller being used. I can’t think of anything more perfect than the visual of Halloween decorations and blood splattered rooms while Vincent Price’s iconic monologue. It’s remarkable how Stranger Things continues to have effective storytelling with bits of nostalgia sprinkled throughout and used effectively.

The trailer concludes with the most breath taking moment, Eleven finding a portal and emerging her hand through it at what appears to be the Hawkins public school.


From what we’re seeing, the second season should be just as wonderful as the first one with a more epic showdown with more creatures and whatever the fuck that is looming over Hawkins filling the sky.

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