Why Was This So Popular?: Cats

This musical is indeed as dumb as it looks.

I found myself a song or two in before I wondered how this musical was so successful. What exactly were people thinking?

I don’t understand the appeal of Cats at all. Keep in mind I’m someone who has posters for Singin’ In The Rain (favorite film of all time) and La La Land (saw it four times in theaters) on my wall so if anybody should get this, it should be me.

I was unable to appreciate this turd of a musical. All of the songs minus Memory are just awful, the lowest of quality. To me the song quality reminds me of A Very Potter Musical, an incredibly low budget ironic musical uploaded onto YouTube and Repo! The Genetic Opera, a straight to DVD musical sold at Hot Topic.

I don’t recall the last time I felt embarrassment for other people the way I did watching the people in Cats. The entire time I found myself looking at these people dressed as cats in costume and makeup the quality of facepaint children get at the local carnival, feeling my heart sink and breaking for these strangers. They probably came to New York with hopes and dreams of creating at and their “big break” is dancing around dressed as a cat.

A better idea for a musical would be one about the performers in Cats and how they reach the point where they commit suicide but find out that because they signed on to do Cats they automatically received nine lives.

The DVD version of Cats is directed in the worst way imaginable. Every time there’s a close up of someone really hamming it up for the camera I found myself cringing, wondering how Cats isn’t one of the most notorious Broadway failures like Carrie or Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.

The only entertaining value of seeing this musical is to try and comprehend the bizarre reality this is one of the greatest financial achievements on Broadway.


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