Ready Player One Trailer Reaction


After years of being a whispered rumor, it seems like the film adaptation of Ready Player One is finally happening. In an age of television taking control, it’s cool they’re doing a film version of this epic book. While some think it’s easier to tell this story in television format, the visual representation of OASIS will certainly be better executed with the budget a film is given.

The first half of this trailer I felt was executed perfectly. There’s an epic film score that raises the hair on your flesh as you’re seeing this imagined online world being brought to life on screen. The only thing I found to be cringeworthy is when they show Steven Spielberg’s name and refer to him as “cinematic game changer.”

Sure, this can’t be denied. Jaws completely changed the future of film as we know it and the kind of film that’s released during the summertime. But still, when someone involved with the film is referred to as cinematic game change it feels like the film has its nose jammed up its own asshole and getting high from the fumes.

The second half of this trailer to me demonstrates what this film could be if it isn’t executed right. There’s a sequence with a bunch of dudes strutting in a way that only the most cheesy imagine looks cool as Tom Sawyer by Rush plays. Whenever people try to strut in a cool way while rock music plays, I always cringe because my mind goes to when Tim Allen and the elves are strutting to ZZ Top in The Santa Clause.

Fuckyes! I was about to find the GIF for this!!


Watching as Rush’s most iconic song plays gives me a sinking feeling that this film might suck. Ever since Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprise success with their effective use of a retro soundtrack, I’ve seen more trailer attempt to recreate this, most notably Suicide Squad attempting to make the film look appealing by having it cut to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Nostalgia for the 80s and 90s is very in and I wonder if Ready Player One will either use that for fun storytelling or mindless cash grabbing. I also think of Stranger Things when it comes to nostalgia and I wonder if Ready Player One will be able to do what that show does so effectively, sprinkling bits of nostalgia through an incredibly intriguing story.

Only time will tell what Ready Player One will be whether it’s a cool thrill ride of a film as mind blowing as The Matrix or a film that loses the spirit of the book and feels too corporate.


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