Bright Trailer


Bright is an interesting new chapter for Netflix.

While watching this trailer I notice everything about it feels exactly like something you would see in a theater playing before Spider-Man: Homecoming. With a ninety million dollar budget this is exactly like the films currently in theaters this summer but will be premiering on Netflix this December 22nd, perhaps viewed by families before their yearly viewing of It’s A Wonderful Life.

Netflix has had multi-million dollar deals before, the largest being The Ridiculous Six with a sixty million dollar budget. While The Ridiculous Six was only a rival to mediocre comedies in theaters like Snatched and CHIPs, Bright is a rival to films like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and every other box office monster that gets people to leave their house.

As for the film itself, I’m intrigued by the possibilities of what this film could end up being. A Will Smith movie in a world where mythical creatures exist and the main character comes across a magic wand that could end the world has the potential to be one of the worst films ever made. If not handled properly and taken far too seriously, this film has the potential to be something that plays well Plan 9 From Outer Space.

The real question I’m intrigued by is will Bright be another devastating hit on movie theaters? A ninety million dollar popcorn film you can watch for free with a Netflix subscription in the comfort of your own home on opening weekend? If Bright is a huge success for Netflix and extends their growth, will movie studios continue betting on a select few big budget films or go back to making more films on smaller budgets? Or will there just be another five minutes of Chevy commercials before the previews begin?

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