Two Reasons It’s More Appealing To Me To Drink Kool-Aid With Jim Jones Than Watch AHS: Cult

Better times…


Someone recently said I should watch the next season of AHS when it airs and review it. Since I don’t get paid for this blog I don’t see myself doing such a thing and slicing away at my soul.

It’s remarkable how great of a show AHS was during the first two seasons and how awful of a show it has become somewhere in the middle of Coven. During the first couple of seasons it was hard to believe the guy who created something as generic and lame as Glee was behind something as cool like AHS. When eye rolling moments like Kathy Bates’ decapitated head began to cry while watching a tape of Martin Luther King Jr and other notable black people as she realized how bad racism is, it wasn’t so hard to believe a gay man living in Los Angeles was behind this show.


One of the great memorable fucked up moments from AHS.


I’ll try to explain the main two moments that made it impossible for me to stomach American Horror Story.



The Death of Twisty


When American Horror Story: Freakshow began, all everybody could talk about was the ever increasing body count that Twisty the Clown was leaving behind. He was an incredibly compelling character.

I’ll never forget the night I caught this moment because I happened to be watching it while waiting for a new episode of South Park. I turn on FX and see Twisty the Clown sitting there dying and rambling in a simpleton voice about his hard knock life.

This cool slasher was now reduced to a fat “going full retard” character who was saying things like “I’m a good person, mama said so.”

It was now obvious to me that AHS had indeed become an incredibly campy soap opera with horror sprinkled throughout it.

This and the auto-tuned singing performances reminiscent of Glee had everybody leaving Freakshow. The only viewers who stuck around are those who drooled over Finn Wittrock.


Liz Taylor


By the time I got around to watching Hotel, I knew what to expect from AHS. The show had now been reduced to an incredibly campy soap opera where every episode was like a Halloween episode of Days of Our Lives. So when Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer appeared and did their little rendition of The Hunger, I rolled my eyes and went along with it.

When the show began pandering to Tumblr with the character Liz Taylor, I had to get off the ride of stupidity.

Liz Taylor was a very cool character. She was once a business man who after an incident at this hotel embraces her closeted self. I also loved the way she seemed to be reading a gigantic book at all times.

When the show began to go into detail about how Liz Taylor was not in any way a homosexual and the following episode right at the beginning she’s having sex with a man, rambling about how it’s not gay because she identifies as a woman, I had to roll my eyes and finally quit watching Hotel. This demonstrates how AHS is a show that you watch until you submit to whatever point of stupidity is too much for you.

Obviously I have nothing against the transgender community but this ham fisted “Look at how progressive we are? Applaud our awareness!” storytelling was too pathetic. I might as well have been watching Ryan Murphy in an “I’m With Her” t-shirt patting himself on the back giving the camera a smug smirk as he explained how opened minded and daring he is for showing a character is a man that identifies as a woman having sex with men but doesn’t consider himself a homosexual.

It was pretty much Ryan Murphy getting on his knees and swallowing cum for a GLAAD award.




It’s sad to see a once great show slowly dying like AHS. All we can do know is remember the good times, like when the great Ian McShane guest starred as a sadistic killer who believed he was Santa Claus.



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