Quentin Tarantino Directing Manson Murders Film

It’s been announced that Quentin Tarantino, a very influential director on the past twenty five years of film will be doing a Manson Murders film.

My first gut reaction is this might be Tarantino’s first failure. Some consider Death Proof or The Hateful Eight to be but if you’ve seen as many films as I have you’d realize most directors would sell their souls to Satan for their best movie to be Death Proof.

The reason I’m not excited for this film is because if there’s a story that’s been told far too many times, it’s the Manson Murders. They were a big deal in their time but it feels as if every crime show, podcast and everybody else has discussed Charles Manson in great detail. Whether you realize it or not, you could probably detail Manson’s life in a six volume series of books because of how overly discussed he is.

There are people post-1969 that probably know the story of the Manson Murders better than they know the crucifixion of Christ.

It seems like far too generic of a tale for someone who has been as innovative and influential like Tarantino to do. The only way I imagined this being somewhat appealing is if he got actors or actresses out of nowhere to portray the characters like when he got cult icon Pam Grier to lead his first film after Pulp Fiction.

Unfortunately it seems like he’s talking to Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence. These are all people I imagine are more obsessed with being a notable celebrity name more than actors who care about a memorable performance. I really can’t imagine them doing anything worth remembering in this film.

I suppose there’s still hope because if there’s anybody that can add a new spin onto an old tale it’s Tarantino, but given how much of a dead black and blue horse the Manson Murders are, it’s too early to feel excitement.

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