Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #16: Blue Sunshine

The 1970s is considered by some to be the greatest generation for film. For a period of time, money hungry studios weren’t in charge and directors had far more control. If you were to compare some of the biggest films from this era like Taxi Driver, The Godfather and The French Connection, it very well could be the greatest decade for film, but to have the belief that everything as perfect then and everything since has been shit is over the top. When you see a film like Blue Sunshine, you realize every decade has great films and truly horrible ones.

Twenty three minutes into watching this film, I paused it to see if it was ever on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t.

I then took an hour long nap and soldier on through this horrible piece of shit. Whenever I paused this movie to go use the bathroom and was walking back to my room, I felt as if I was walking down death row towards the electric chair.

The main plot of this film revolves around people who did a special kind of LSD in college called Blue Sunshine and now years later are losing hair and turning into adrenaline filled killing machines. The concept is interesting and makes one think they’re possible about to watch a trippy surreal film but far from it.

When this film first began to play, I found it to be on the level of 1970s porno but as it went on I realized this movie is equivalent to all of the awful television from this era. The mediocre acting from people who feel like they just entered a casting studio straight from the Midwest and awful car chase scenes, the tropes of the worst side of 70s television are all present in Blue Sunshine.

The only appealing moment of this film was when great character actor, Alice Ghostley appears as a nameless neighbor who spits out a couple of lines and disappears. The woman has done countless work but I’ll always remember her as someone who was on Good Times three times and an episode of What’s Happening when she was married to a man who accused Mabel King of stealing jewelry while cleaning their home when in reality he had a gambling problem and lost the jewelry in a poker game.

And outside of Alice Ghostley, the acting here is awful. How bad? The star of this film is better known for directing Two Moon Junction, a softcore porno notable for starring Sherilyn Fenn who bares all two years before playing sixteen year old Audrey Horne on Twin Peaks.

And whenever any of these actors have to play the bald LSD monsters, you can just hear Mystery Science Theater commentary in your head.

Blue Sunshine is considered a cult classic and I have to imagine it’s a cult classic for some in the way The Room is considered a cult classic although while The Room is entertaining with its insanity, Blue Sunshine is an agonizing borefest that feels like any episode of 1970s television best forgotten with pet rocks and shag carpeting.

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