The Rebuilding Of The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is in a re-building period and it’s uncertain if they’ll be in fighting shape come 2018.

This past week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a bumper sticker which a slogan that says “Democrats: 2018: I Mean, Have You Seen the Other Guys?”

This is the current issue with the Democratic Party, they’re refuse to sell themselves to voters and view themselves as the hero fighting the treacherous villainous Republicans in the comic book world of politics.

It’s always unappealing when someone labels themselves as the good guys.

The Democratic Party’s playbook going into the 2016 election was perhaps the party’s most embarrassing since the 1984 election when they acknowledged they had zero chance against Reagan’s popularity and threw a Hail Mary when they chose Geraldine Ferraro as the Vice President candidate for the sole reason she was a woman and this might lead to a huge female turnout.

Unlike the 2017 Women’s March, the turnout wasn’t great.

The 2016 Democratic Party was at its most out of touch when in the country that loves an underdog they went on endlessly about Hillary Clinton’s dominating approval rating, how Donald Trump had no chance and aired commercials featuring celebrities telling people to go vote for Hillary and hand Donald Trump the biggest margin defeat in Presidential Election history.


Ronald Reagan’s voters are very similar to current “progressive” liberals. Like the conservatives of the Reagan era, liberals have become mortality police straight from a George Orwell novel. Today’s conservatives complain about PC culture and liberal snowflakes, forgetting all about when they were just as bad.

During the late 80s and going into the 90s, conservatives were caught up within the Satanic Panic, by far the most comical of all “snowflakes being triggered” trends. It began with metal music leading teens to Satan, then it was parents condemning Dungeons and Dragons for promoting witchcraft. This hysteria continued well into Bill Clinton’s presidential term when conservative parents were certain Harry Potter was a beginner’s guide to satanic witchcraft.

Sadly, today’s liberals are unaware they’ve become the mortality police that Reagan’s voters were. I’m sure both political eras have their list of Halloween costumes they believe belong in a bonfire and should be illegal in stores. Both political eras have condemned movies for having no morality. Reagan’s conservatives were triggered by horror films such as Silent Night, Deadly Night, picketing outside the theater while Obama’s liberals in the midst of condemning the Confederate flag made an argument for how Gone with the Wind should no longer be considered a classic film.

This recent slogan is evidence to my belief that the Democratic Party is not looking to improve but hopes to achieve what the Republican Party current has and that is dumb, thoughtless and desperate voters who are tired of being on the losing team and will vote in whatever pathetic loser is wearing their preferred colored tie of choice.


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