Clips To Whack Off To #19: Teens Love Anal- Hot Ebony Teen Ass Fucked By Step Bro

This video caught my attention and just because it has a black chick and you know I dig the gutter sluts like Kurt Angle.

It’s because the thumbnail for this video is the twenty year old pornstar suspended up in the air with a giant cock in her ass and legs split open. I always enjoy seeing shit like this because I always wonder about the people who knew pornstars in real life, before they became famous. This girl graduated high school two years ago so I like to picture some teacher who adored her finding this and doing a spit take.

My mind also wanders to the high school sweetheart. In my mind he’s a dork who waited so long like Childish Gambino singing about his blue balls in Redbone. Imagine the meltdown he’s having thinking about all the bullshit he had to go through just for a handjob as he’s looking at her with her legs split open like a Ukrainian gymnast with a baby arm in her asshole. This guy is probably jerking off and crying like Dylan McDermott in the one season of American Horror Story that was great.

If that is the case, good for her. Ladies, if you’re ever going to have a throbbing dick in your ass at least get paid for it since you’ll probably be shitting blood for two days like you got food poisoning at Chipotle. Too vulgar? Well how about this?

And this?


Pretty much what my dick does when I’m masturbating to Tera Patrick pornos for Throwback Thursday, same color too.

The girl in this clip has her tits pierced. Is that a thing all ladies do nowadays or just the broken crazy ones? The last two women I fucked had pierced nipples. One sang You Are My Sunshine after we fucked and the most recent one is cuckoo bananas like James McAvoy in Split but nowhere near as interesting so here I am trying to figure out which personality is pissed at me.

I honestly have a hard time telling if she has actual severe mental illnesses or is just your typical everyday generic angry emo girl who thinks she’s badass when she talks about slitting throats and death and also an attention whore who enjoys creating a theatric soap opera level of dramatics when the opportunity arrives.

Side note from this already side note of a blog post: That’s the one thing I fucking hate about Eminem.

One of the greatest rappers but ever since he became famous with the Slim Shady persona that’s this psychotic madman obsessed with violence it seems like it created a brand of generic white person who thinks they’re scary cool because they ramble about how they would kill someone or how fucking stupid life is. I don’t know, I can understand that attitude in high school when you’re a ticking time bomb of hormones but even at twenty five I’m looking at people who are like this and thinking “Jesus fucking Christ man you’re still not over the Hot Topic phase?”

Well that’s enough rambling for another post. So is this a clip to whack off to? Ummmmmmmm sure?

I don’t know, it’s like any other clip on Pornhub, two people hot enough to get naked in front of HD cameras do something that I guess is sex but is more like bitter angry hate thrusting with lots of spit and grunting involved.

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