Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #14: The Girl with All the Gifts

Two of the most tired types of film tend to be anything related to zombies and a dystopian future. Horror have used zombies in every way imaginable and young adult novelists have imagined every form of dystopian future and added a love triangle to it. Even with all of these plot concepts tired and worn out, The Girl with All the Gifts creates its own world and is able to give people a story with viewing.

Based on a bestselling book, The Girl with All the Gifts shows a world where zombies have taken over and children who have the zombie virus but similar to Blade to vampires, none of the weakness other than the need to feed.

By far the most entertaining aspect of the film was watching the great Glenn Close interacting in this world of horror. Skip this paragraph if you wish to avoid spoilers but I can’t describe how happy I was watching Glenn Close bashing a zombie’s head in with a fire extinguisher and stabbing two other zombies with a shard of glass. There is also another scene where she comes across a zombie pushing a stroller and lifts the blanket to reveal a rat who has fed upon the corpse of an infant. One, amazing this made it into a movie. With how daring this film is, you can tell it isn’t made in America. Two, fucking awesome Glenn Close was up for this.

The film uses CGI but thankfully because it’s low budget, at no time does it become a 100 million dollar digital jerk off session like most Hollywood films.

The child this film centers around, Sennia Nanua delivers in every way imaginable as the intelligent survivor of this fucked up world, Melanie.

If you’re in the mood for an intelligent take on a dystopian future filled with zombies, look no further than The Girl with All the Gifts.


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