Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #13: XX

Similar to Ghostbusters: Answer The Call, XX isn’t the best representation of what women are capable of in the world of film. This all female horror anthology, like most horror anthologies that are made currently come across as rather weak with shorts that feel as if the idea behind it was improved on the spot.

One of my favorite sub-genres in horror is anthologies, but I’m beginning to learn that modern independent horror is unable to make a decent one. If you compare XX to something like ABCs of Death or Holidays, I would have to say that XX is the better option but then again all these options are a drag. XX like other horror anthologies recently made takes itself far too seriously while displaying a half assed plot. It has all unbearable qualities of a bitter teen who stepped into Hot Topic for the first time.

Perhaps my favorite part of XX are the in-between stop motion animated segments directed by Sofia Carrillo. I may be a little biased since it reminds me of the surreal animation of my childhood but these brief weird moments were by far the most entertaining part of XX.

The Box, the first short is by far the best one which I feel bad saying since the story is based off a story written by a man. I wish the rest of these shorts were based on short stories since the rest feel like the first draft of a short story. Out of all the shorts, Jovanka Vuckovic is certainly the best director. She did a fantastic job of adapting Jack Ketchum’s short story and making the food seen in this film look unappetizing in a short where the characters begin to lose their appetite. If anybody deserves a job because of this movie, it’s Jovanka Vuckovic.

The second short, The Birthday Party is directed by musician St. Vincent which makes sense since this short feels better suited as a music video and not a twenty minute short. Like most of this film, it’s ok but when you compare it to other horror anthology films is somewhat disappointing how much story is lacking here. This short seems better suited in a dark comedic anthology film like Four Rooms and not in a horror film.

Don’t Fall is easily the worst short of XX and the one most likely to make you say “Fuck this movie.” The thing I hate most about this short is that it’s a story meant for a blood splattered slasher and there is little to none of that featured here. It has the amateur storyline and tropes of a slasher film without the satisfactory bloodshed and creative kills.

Her Only Living Son, is a short about a mother dealing with the fact it’s her son’s 18th birthday and he’s figuring out that he’s the son of Satan. This short, like a majority of the film presents a great idea and doesn’t exactly go anywhere with it. I enjoyed most of this short but when the ending happens you’ll find yourself shrugging your shoulders and asking yourself if that was really the entire story.

Currently, XX is on Netflix and if you’re out of shows to binge watch, I guess XX is worth a view. The thing I hate most about XX is it’s not great, not horrible but mostly mediocre and lacking any substance or creativity. Most of it has the attitude of an overly serious goth girl with her arms crossed who feels that trying hard is a waste of time.

I’ll conclude this review by showcasing horror films worth viewing directed by women.

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