Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #12: Basket Case

When a film is released from a company named after a Herschell Gordon Lewis film, you know you’re in for a treat.

It’s fitting that Basket Case is released from Something Weird Video since it plays like a collaboration between Herschell Gordon Lewis and John Waters.

Basket Case is a midnight horror experience and one of the notable exploitation films that takes place in New York during a time period when it was more dangerous and lawless than the Wild West. Basket Case is not only a film that takes a dark humorous macabre spin on the revenge exploitation genre but is also a monster film that I find to be more entertaining than some of the Universal films.

Many would consider Basket Case “so bad it’s good” or a guilty pleasure. I absolutely despise such terms. Either a film has redeeming qualities that makes it notable or it doesn’t, you either enjoy a film or you don’t. Basket Case is first and foremost a very fun and entertaining movie.

One of the many memorable things that makes Basket Case stand the test of time are the final 10-15 minutes of the film, which to me was as over the top and mind bending as Sleepaway Camp and Pieces.

Basket Case is an unforgettable exploitation horror film. It’s fun, disturbing and a must watch for fans of the genre.

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