John Carpenter’s Body Bags

I love horror films and perhaps my favorite type of horror film is the horror anthology film. When I was nine years old I received Creepshow for Christmas and to this day it’s probably my favorite gift I ever received. Recently I watched Tales From The Hood and was blown away that I ordered the Blu-Ray hours after renting it. Whenever I can, I’m usually watching Tales From The Crypt. So when I heard John Carpenter not only directed a segment or two for a horror anthology film but also plays the host, I knew I had to check it out.

Overall, Body Bags is your typical horror anthology film, wonderful traditional horror stories with a great wrap around segment featuring a comedic with a wonderful macabre sense of humor.

I can’t stress how entertaining John Carpenter is as the coroner host. At one point he’s attempting to pull a corpse from the cold chamber and it’s getting stuck in the doorway because it has massive breast implants. It was here where the film truly won me.

The first segment, The Gas Station features a woman working the graveyard shift at a gas station all alone while a serial killer is on the loose. A very well done segment that plays like any classic Tales From The Crypt story with a satisfying gory ending.

The second segment Hair, is one you can skip. Personally, I found Hair to be a lame early 1990s attempt to try and do their spin on The Twilight Zone. Hair is a long dragged out story that in the end doesn’t really go anywhere all that satisfying or amusing. My favorite thing about this segment was how it was a time capsule for the time period it was filmed during. The main character eventually gets hair past his belt and this is to be found incredibly sexy and what gets women hot. This love for long hair on men just seems to be of the time, when Fabio was on every poorly written romantic book and Winger and Nelson were selling albums.

The final segment Eye, directed by the great Tobe Hooper features Mark Hamill as a baseball player who just got an eye transplant and begins to change for the worse. Other than the fact this segment reminds you of a terrible remake with Jessica Alba, this segment is wonderful. It not only gets the horrible taste that Hair left but is a strong story that is a great conclusion to this film. Mark Hamill as always delivers in his performance.

Body Bags was originally going to be Showtime’s version of Tales From The Crypt. It’s easy to look at this film and experience a sinking feeling wondering at the possibility, but it’s likely the show could’ve lost steam like Tales From The Darkside. Thankfully, what footage was shot for the shot was taken and turned into a great horror film.

If you’re gathering fellow fans of the genre or just looking for a fun horror film, Body Bags is worth a watch.

…..but maybe skip over the Hair segment.


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