Baby Driver Review

It’s somewhat rare when a quality film is made for adults. Hollywood is making fewer films than ever, usually 100 million dollar budget films that play to families and even better, also collect from Chinese viewers. For adults who aren’t looking to have their intelligence insulted, usually your best bet I to randomly come across something on Netflix.

But in the middle of generic blockbusters like Transformers 5 and Despicable Me 3, there’s Baby Driver. Baby Driver has aspects that feel like a 1970s action, which makes sense since it’s heavily inspired by the 1978 film The Driver. It is also incredibly reminiscent of the time period post Pulp Fiction when everybody wanted to be Quentin Tarantino, making crime films with humor added and maybe with a quality soundtrack on top of it all.

Overall, I found Baby Driver to be an incredibly joyful experience. Edgar Wright gives adults a quality popcorn film that doesn’t dumb itself down in order to play towards a boring and dull mass audience. The viewer will have a lot of fun recognizing tropes of 1970s heist films only for Edgar Wright to brake and swerve in a direction you didn’t imagine him going.

The first noticeable thing I find appealing about Baby Driver is how it’s a very small and simple film. The budget was 40 million dollars, which really should make someone frown in anger when they come across a 200 million dollar action film and it’s a generic piece of shit. Zero CGI and green screen was used for the chase sequences which add to the intensity and energy of the film. Why CGI and green screen is used so often in Hollywood I’ll never know, it always costs more and always looks worse than doing the real thing.

Another thing that makes Baby Driver so easy to love is how it’s a fun quality adult film that has gathered so many great actors and gives them a place to display their talent, which is rare in Hollywood outside of Oscar bait.

I feel like listing some of the names in this film that get a chance to give a memorable entertaining performance.

Ansel Elgort- Before Baby Driver, this poor bastard was only in films for moody teenage girls. In this film, he’s given the opportunity to show that he has a place outside of sappy generic teen films.

Eiza Gonzalez- Before Baby Driver she was seen in one of the laziest films made recently, Jen and The Holograms.

Kevin Spacey- One of the greatest actors currently alive and of all time. On television he gets to show his talent in House of Cards. In films…..last year he was in a movie where his mind was put into a cat that received seven percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Thankfully Baby Driver gives this incredible talent a place to shine.

Jaime Foxx- Another incredibly talented individual who has in recent years been cruelly beaten down by the small minded film world. In 2014, he starred in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which led to Spider-Man once more being rebooted and then Annie, a lifeless autotuned remake. Luckily, his role in Baby Driver gives him something to work with.

When seeing the trailer, one of the first things I questioned when I saw the trailer was the soundtrack. At first one gets the impression this film is riding the coattails on the success of that Guardians Of The Galaxy had with their soundtrack, but Baby Driver’s soundtrack is an essential piece to such a well done film. Quentin Tarantino says when he writes a script he listens to music that fits the scene and it feels like Edgar Wright did the exact same thing for Baby Driver. Every song is perfect and essential to the scene, like Michael Madsen dancing to Stuck In The Middle With You in Reservoir Dogs.

Baby Driver reminds me of one of my all-time favorite films True Romance. Like True Romance this film is an energetic crime film where multiple name actors and actresses appear and are all given a role that means something. It’s also very reminiscent of the Elmore Leonard crime books that inspired Tarantino’s voice and style.

Baby Driver is yet another reminder that Edgar Wright is without a doubt one of the most talented directors of our time. Like Shaun Of The Dead, I feel as if he’s created a genre film that will already been seen as an essential classic within such a short period of time. For adults looking for a quality rated R film, Baby Driver is certain to be the most incredible experience of the summer.



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