The Room Review

Not since Rocky Horror Picture Show has there been a film that came from nowhere and became an overwhelming successful cult film like The Room. Similar to Rocky Horror Picture Show, this film just happened to connect with a legion of freaks that filled up a theater at midnight who would play football in the theater similar to Rocky Horror fans squirting water guns.

Unlike Richard O’ Brien, Tommy Wiseau wasn’t aware he was creating memorable comedic moments. He’s more from the Ed Wood/ Mommie Dearest group who thought they were making a compelling drama and instead created an unbelievable campy flick.

The stories about the making of The Room are endless. The actor who played Mark recently wrote a book titled The Disaster Artist that will soon be a film directed and starring James Franco. There are 108 facts about the film on IMDB that include things such as how everything between the second sex scene and the birthday party have zero meaning to the plot and how Tommy Wiseau insisted his ass be in the film in order to make it more appealing to viewers.

The sex scenes in The Room truly add to the confusion of this film. They’re so softcore pornographic one would think this is a cheap skin flick to be shown on HBO at three in the morning, but there’s only 10 minutes of sex scenes where one can only catch a quick glimpse of Lisa’s tits. At the same time, it’s so cheesy and sleazy for something that’s supposed to be a compelling drama.

And the music that plays during the sex scenes……..Christ. The music used is so uncomfortable because they’re so cheesy and generic, like boy band lyrics if they were written by a hornier version of *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. The quality of the songs are so terrible you might mistake it for Christian music.

The Room is an incredible achievement since the plot and film are like any terrible Lifetime movie, something only Eric Roberts would sign on for. Yet, a film with such a generic plot has this added level of Tommy Wiseau’s insanity that has made it memorable and continuing to grow in popularity.

There are numerous iconic scenes and lines they have made this film live on. There’s the flower shop scene that feels cocaine rushed, “I did not hit her, I did not hit her, it’s bullshit, o hi Mark!”, “I definitely have breast cancer” and of course, “You’re tearing me apart Lisa!”

Personally one of my favorites since I wasn’t expecting it was “Leave your stupid comments in your pocket.”

I have to assume there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people who look at this film and fume thinking how in the fuck could this piece of shit be so well known and beloved and yet they can’t get anywhere or upset their multi-million dollar film isn’t being viewed by as many people. The answer is simple, for how god awful and low quality The Room is, it’s hard to deny that Tommy Wiseau put all of himself into this movie. Similar to Ed Wood, Tommy Wiseau truly believed he was making a masterpiece. There was a time he was even advertising The Room as something similar to the style of Tennessee Williams in early advertisements.

Tommy Wiseau and his film are incredibly compelling because in recent years I can’t imagine there has been anybody that is so unaware of what they have created quite like Tommy Wiseau. For years now it seems after Mystery Science Theater 3000 there have been no truly horrible films that happen to be hilarious but either movies that attempt to be intentionally campy or one hundred million dollar films that aren’t great, not horrible, just painfully boring and mediocre.

The Room oddly enough will stand the test of time in a way most films won’t and is a great example of why it’s better to try your best and fail miserably instead of not trying at all. The Room should influence people to really go out and take a leap of faith because even if you fall flat on your face, you’ll be more memorable than those who just stayed at home and did nothing, terrified of what others would think of them.

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