Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #7: Train To Busan

Here in America, we’re pretty god damn tired of seeing zombies.

For over a decade now it seems like everybody in Hollywood has had their chance to make a profit off of George A. Romero’s creativity. Surprisingly, people still watch The Walking Dead which has become more of a soap opera starring bearded men who haven’t showered in awhile aimed at alpha bros who need something to watch since Sons of Anarchy wrapped up.

The only zombie related thing I can think of in recent years that was worth anybody’s time is Scout’s Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse, which is very much in the style of Return Of The Living Dead.

The scouts singing Hit Me Baby One More Time to a zombie who was a Britney Spears fan. Thought I’d show this since it’s the one gif  from this film without zombies tits or cock.


Surprisingly, Train To Busan is a zombie horror film that isn’t a complete waste of your time.

The concept of zombies on a train is something only a foreign country could turn into a quality film. I can only imagine if a Hollywood studio took such an idea. It’d probably be similar to the quality of Snakes On A Plane.

In fact, due to the success of this film an American remake has been announced because America didn’t get enough thrills bastardizing Japanese horror.

Train To Busan has been referred by small minded idiots as the South Korean World War Z. Personally I think such a comparison is ridiculous since Train To Busan is actually a watchable film that isn’t just Brad Pitt wasting $190 million dollars. This film is perhaps the closest to the compelling drama in George A. Romero’s films. One scene sticks out when we hear audio of mainstream media news spewing out propaganda while videos from YouTube play showing the reality of the situation.

I’ve mentioned The Walking Dead and one thing I really like about Train To Busan that The Walking Dead completely ignores are the zombies. Watching as characters we’ve gotten to known being bit and the virus taking over is far more compelling than being hit over the head with the pretentious and overdone concept in America that human beings are scarier than any monster.

Another way this is unlike American horror films, Train To Busan doesn’t get by with cheap jump scares. The horrifying situation is the horror of the film, not a zombie jumping out of the shadows like a child attending a surprise party.

Train To Busan is very much an action horror film and after seeing The Mummy with Tom Cruise, America could really learn a thing or two about quality action horror from South Korea.

Train To Busan delivers in every way imaginable. I can’t tell you how much I love seeing a quality horror film that isn’t a pretentious arthouse horror film where the director is striving to do their best impression of Stanley Kubrick since post-The Shining is a rarity in horror.

Even if you’re fed up with zombies, Train To Busan is worth a view.

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