Clips To Whack Off To: Bob’s Boners

Bob’s Burgers is a very successful animated show with 129 episodes and counting.

But…..there is one horrible mistake that plagues Bob’s Burgers. We have not seen an episode where it’s just Bob and Linda hardcore fucking in the restaurant, perhaps even using the combination of their fluids for a brand new burger that would turn Bob’s Burgers into a chain restaurant.

Thankfully, porn is swooping in to fix the flaws of Fox and give us the episode of Bob’s Burgers that we have all been asking and protesting for.

I guarantee you that nothing will get your balls pumping out hot fluid or your vaginal juices going like Anthony Rosano wearing a fake porn stache as he pounds away at Tabitha Stevens wearing Linda’s red glasses and keeping that Carmella from The Sopranos like accent going throughout the entire scene since Tabitha Stevens, demonstrating in this clip that she’s the Meryl Streep of fucking.

Overall is this a clip to whack off to? Obviously. Is it too weird to masturbate to? Listen buddy if you’re asking if something is too weird or uncomfortable to masturbate to maybe you should just stay off the internet until you’re ready to be an adult.

Bob’s Boners sequel? Perhaps…

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