Clips To Whack Off To: Bang Bros- Ebony Gamer Ana Foxxx Gets A Good Fuck

How fucking old are the guys at Bang Bros? I ask because this video feels like it was created by a fossil of a man who said “What gets the kids raging boners these days? O I know, the video games!”

I haven’t been interested in video games in close to a decade now but I can’t imagine anybody in this day and age playing something that requires achieving a high score. Multiple times, the girl and guy in this video are talking about the high score and I’m sitting here like the fuck is this bitch playing?



Ms. Pac Man?




Donkey Kong?







“Uhh put a headset on her and keep saying something about a high score!” the guy who was in his early thirties when Pong came out said.

It really doesn’t matter since it’s porn and once the blood starts flowing below your belt, you don’t notice how common sense is missing.

This video in general I guess is meant to appeal to people in their late teens and early twenties who spend a lot of time at GameStop. Throughout the video, Ana Foxxx is doing a variety of positions and the entire time pretending to play whatever imaginary game requires a headset while beating a high score. Personally this video doesn’t do much for me because I don’t buy the newest version of Call of Duty every year or ask myself why girls don’t like a nice man such as myself as a middle schooler calls me a camping nigger faggot while I chug whatever shit flavor of Mountain Dew is out for a limited time.

If you remember this fondly, chances are you almost shot up your high school


Ana Foxxx is great. I dig her because the letter x is in her name three times which according to GTA: Vice City was what porn stars did in the 1980s.

That was the last time I gave a shit about videogames. After that, shit got boring and lame and while everybody was about Call of Duty and smashing their shitty Guitar Hero controllers because they couldn’t nail Through The Fire and Flames, I bounced.

Overall is this a clip to whack off to? Hellyeah! It has a black chick with pubic hair, who doesn’t love an erotic soul patch?

P.S.- Just realized I’m shitting on games and gamers as E3 is happening or just ended. Hopefully no nerds who look like they could be extras in the comic book shop scenes on Big Bang Theory see this. Last thing I need are creepy dudes that sit on the computers at the library all day watching anime making videos of me being assraped by a tentacle monster.


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