Attack The Block

I first heard of Attack The Block through a blog post about what the stars of The Force Awakens did before being cast. When I saw this was John Boyega’s first successful and notable venture into the world of sci-fi I was interested.

What got me to finally see this film is how my library had the Blu-Ray and it was always there and available. Apparently local nerds aren’t aware of this movie and the kids who watch anime on the library’s computers all day and sometimes steal items aren’t interested either.

I don’t know what I was expecting but expectations were high. Luckily, Attack The Block meets and exceeds all expectations. Not only a great sci-fi film but a lot of fun, great use of gore and fantastic writing regarding dialogue.

Attack The Block possesses a great balance of doing traditional science fiction and gory 80s horror while also stepping outside of the box. The film’s first scene involves the group we follow in the film threatening and mugging a woman. I really respect and admire this opening because as an American movie goer it’s doubtful I would ever see this in what’s released here. Blame it on generic test audiences, blame it on American scriptwriters not being good enough to make characters redeem themselves, blame it on film studios terrified of stepping outside of the box or blame it on a mixture of all the examples.

The combination of practical effects and CGI also makes this film rank above 100% CGI films. The fact that these aliens in the film are as far as I know guys in a costume with CGI to enhance the detail of the costume is the way to go compared to all CGI because I’ve yet to see a compelling action or horror film where an actor is reacting to something that isn’t really there.

What works in Who Framed Roger Rabbit obviously didn’t work in Anaconda.

This film costed 45 million dollars and that was 1997 money…..


These films can really be made or broken from the design of the creatures and I love the miniature Kong like creatures who have no eyes and track with an intense sense of smell. The way their teeth glow against their blacker than black fur is quite beautiful.

I also enjoyed how this films takes place in a bad neighborhood because while I love Stranger Things, Goonies and The Monster Squad… gets old watching white kids from a small town where the toughest challenge they faced previously to monsters is getting home before the streetlights came on. A smart genre film that takes place in the hood sadly is still a rarity.

This movie could’ve been one flaming failure. Luckily whoever was behind the writing of this film is incredibly talented. The dialogue is perfection and witty, adding a quality level of humor to an already fantastic blend of sci-fi and horror.

Unlike Leprechaun In The Hood, Attack The Block isn’t a minstrel show crammed into a genre film.

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