Horror Short Story: Spiders

Jerome woke up in the middle of the night. He was thankful it was still night and he had some time before having to go slave away at his soul sucking job. His eyes were slowly shutting when he saw a dark shadow with eight tiny legs making their away across the bedroom ceiling. Part of Jerome felt the fear he felt as a child seeing a spider hovering above his head. The other side that had grown accustomed to living out in the middle of country didn’t panic since it was the norm to see a creepy crawler.

He reached for the small lamp above him and flipped it on. To his surprise, there was nothing on the ceiling. It had seemed so real what Jerome had seen. Then again at this hour it was more likely his mind was playing tricks on him.

The situation was reminding Jerome of when he was a child and watching television one morning when a spider slowly descended from the ceiling right in front of him. He had never felt the fear he had felt that morning as he slowly inched away towards his bedroom door. He recalled how certain he was that any sudden move would cause the spider to jump from its web and sink all eight legs into his tender flesh. He remembered the adrenaline pumping through him as he rushed away from the bedroom, screaming for his father to kill the spider.

The last thing Jerome watched before going to bed was the original Dawn Of The Dead. He felt foolish watching horror films before bed, practically begging for something like this to happen.

Jerome was climbing out of bed when an unbearable stomach ache took over. Once he had his feet on the floor, he was doubled over with his face pressed down into the mattress feeling as if his insides were being twisted. For a moment the pain went away and he felt relief just before feeling once more the pain crashing into his insides.

Jerome fell to his knees and was bent over, muttering curse words while also asking God what was happening. He felt a fistful of hot bile working its way up towards his throat. From the pain Jerome felt, he imagined he was able to throw up a death inducing tumor. He picture something emerging from him dark red and throbbing.

The bile was now lodged in his throat and Jerome began to choke as his oxygen was cut off. As it slowly slid up, Jerome felt something tickling his throat, twitching as it made its way out.

His vision blurred and tears dripped from his cheeks as something was released. He felt like the devil was leaving his body after a weeklong possession.  Jerome looked up and his vision was still blurry as he saw a wet and slimy object slowly moving across the bedroom floor. He wiped the tears from his eyes and was horrified to see within the thick bright green and orange vomit was the largest spider he had ever seen in real life.

As if this one large spider was horrifying enough, Jerome saw that the spider carried a web spun sack. As his mind realized what exactly was in the sack, the thing cracked open and hundreds of spiders the size of the tip of his finger rushed passed their mother and in all directions outside Jerome’s bedroom door. His skin was covered in goosebumps when he saw all of the spiders disappearing within the darkness soon followed by their mother.

Jerome soon began to panic, trying to imagine what his next move should be. He had little time to think of what to do next before he felt an ache within his cheeks. He happened to look at himself in a nearby mirror and saw that his cheeks had swollen to twice their original size. His heart began to beat rapidly and soon the throbbing pain in his cheeks synced up with the pace of his heart. It soon got to the point where his cheeks felt like bass drums being kicked at by a death metal drummer.

Finally, the skin on his cheeks burst open like a zit and Jerome felt more tiny spiders scurrying across his face and eyes. Once he felt the spiders running across his lips and into his nostrils he began screaming, beating at his face like the child he once was, feeling fear that was completely uncontrollable.

As he rubbed his fingers through his hair with such intensity he could’ve caused a fire, Jerome once more glanced into the nearby mirror and saw the flesh dangling from his face. He looked like someone who had been sliced to pieces. He didn’t know what was more frightening, all the fucking spiders or how he could clearly see all his teeth through the open wounds.

Once more, Jerome was barely processing what was happening when he felt more pain. Yet again, it was as if his stomach were a wet rag being twisted by a man with abnormal strength. The pain was far worse this time around. On top of his stomach feeling as if it were being twisted, he also felt the sensation of digesting shards of glass.

He imagined it was another large spider. The difference this time was it felt like it was trying to claw its way out through his stomach.



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