Throwback Thursday Story: The Anne Frank Virtual Reality Experience

At the time I wrote this story I believe there was some story about how someone was considering making an Anne Frank video game and no surprise, people were not happy about it, which inspired me to imagine what if you were to not only make an Anne Frank video game but a pornographic virtual reality experience. 


A CEO of a video game company was sitting in his office smoking a cigar and looking out of his window as a hooker sucked his cock. He was deep in thought as the hooker sucked him off and played with his balls and fingered his asshole every now and then.

“God, what is going to be the next big idea?” the CEO said to himself.

As if on command, the door to his office was kicked open and a video game developer walked in. Judging by the man’s smile and red eyes, the CEO assumed that the video game developer had been up for five days straight chugging Monsters and Red Bulls as he brainstormed a new idea to get good with the CEO at the company he worked at.

“Hello William!” the CEO said with a cheerful smile as he enjoyed his blowjob.

“Hey boss! How are ya?”

“O I’m just getting my lunchtime blowjob, what have you got for me?”

The man threw down a stack of papers. The CEO looked through the papers at screenshots of what looked like a tiny attic room.

“What the fuck is this?”

“The Anne Frank Virtual Reality Experience!”

The CEO looked through the screenshots in complete confusion.

“The Anne Frank Virtual Reality Experience?”

“Mhm, I know that we’re now creating video games for the new virtual headsets being released with all of the latest and in systems so I thought that an Anne Frank Virtual Reality Experience would be the perfect title.”

The CEO shook his head.

“I don’t think I get it. So do you like play a Nazi and it’s like a virtual reality blowjob for Anne Frank to get out of going to the concentration camps? Like some fucked up fantasy?”

“Not exactly. I was thinking more along the lines of how it could play out like a dramatic black and white film. You’re in the attic interacting with everybody and they’re hoping to make it out of the war alive and you write in your diary every day.”

“Buddy, that sounds duller than watching paint dry at my fucking grandma’s house.”

“But it’ll be a historically accurate video game. Something for history buffs and something that could possibly educate kids in school.”

“Eh, tell ya what. I like the concept but I think we’re just going to do something with tits and bush. I think we’ll just have Anne Frank suck and fuck her way out of getting sent to the concentration camp. Well I can see it now, a big ol Nazi gangbang and afterwards, Hitler stops by to get the Third Reich’s sloppy seconds.”

“But sir, she was like thirteen when she got sent to the concentration camp.”

The CEO looked at William in confusion and asked him with just the look in his eyes asking the game developer to get to the point.

“That would be illegal and considered child pornography sir.”

The CEO’s eyes bugged out of his skull. If he was drinking water, no doubt he would do a spit take.

“Thirteen is considered a child and illegal?”

He pulled the hooker’s hair so she would stop blowing him and hid his penis under his office desk.

“William, there aren’t are cops around are there?”

“Not that I saw sir…”

The CEO slowly lowered the girl’s head into his lap and began to relax.

“Alright well, since that is illegal I guess that Anne Frank is eighteen and legal in the video game.”

“But sir, this is so tasteless.”

“I don’t give a fuck. Being tasteless sells and who doesn’t want to fuck a star of the Holocaust? This game is getting into development.”

William hung his shoulders and nodded.

“Alright sir, since she’s at least eighteen I guess it’s not all that bad…”

“Wait a minute,” said the CEO holding up his index finger. “Wasn’t Lolita a child and they didn’t consider that pornography right?”

“Uhh, I guess?”

“Hmm, I’m going to have to say that this is an artistic project. Maybe I’ll get away with it after all. I know there are more Jared Fogles out there with money who’ll pay to fuck Anne Frank. And hell, if this is a success I’ll create a virtual reality experience where you can fuck Shirley Temple during her most famous scenes.”

William ripped his polo shirt and khakis to reveal a SWAT team uniform underneath.

“Alright fucko, that’s all the evidence I need.”

An FBI SWAT team swarmed into the office after kicking the door down and filled the sexual predator with bullets. All of them missed the thirteen year old on her knees.

After post modem, the hooker was still sucking the CEO off until his corpse came.

“I’m sorry,” said the hooker to the SWAT team. “I just like to see a job through.”

“There’s no reason to apologize little lady,” said William. “It’s nice to see the future has a better work ethic than those god damn millennials running the streets right now.”

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