Logan Review

Wolverine has certainly come a long way over the years. When Hugh Jackman first stepped into the role of Wolverine, the X-Men wore costumes that could best be described as skintight leather costumes reminiscent of Batman and Robin with a little more of The Matrix to it, since it was the most dominating thing in pop culture at the time. Pretty sure every white male had Homer Simpson doing the bullet time pose as their desktop background.

Then of course there was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, infamous for the first portrayal of Deadpool on screen where the character’s mouth is shut and he’s anything but being Deadpool.

What has stayed consistent throughout the X-Men films is how right Hugh Jackman was for the past of Wolverine. I can honestly say the twenty one seconds Hugh Jackman is in X-Men: First Class is a greater performance regarding superhero films than others who have two and a half hours with their character.

I’ll begin by saying that my expectations were a mixture of somewhat high but mostly low. I am completely burnt out on superhero movies. A majority of them all seem to run two and a half hours and are mindless PG-13 CGI porn. I recently watched Civil War after seeing all the positive reviews and was able to stomach 41 minutes before punching the eject button regarding the dull attempt to re-create the first Avengers film. With how boring and dull superhero films have become, I did have some expectations given that this film is rated R and stepping outside the box.

….then again so did Deadpool and at best the film is a watered down issue of Deadpool and at its very worst watching “The Merc With A Mouth” stalking his girlfriend and feeling insecure about his face was just as cringeworthy as his portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Satirical poster used to trick women into seeing this movie on Valentine’s Day but when Deadpool isn’t wearing his mask, this film does play like a shitty Nicholas Spark film.


To my shock, Logan is unlike any other Marvel movie in recent years. It’s enjoyable, unique and not catering to a mass audience that will hopefully bring a billion dollar to the global box office. Also unlike every other Marvel movie, this film has villains that are actually doing villainous things. As said previously, this is certainly unlike any other Marvel film.

In a world where we’re surrounded by such cookie cutter, lame sugar coated superhero movies to the point where something as innocent as Deadpool can be seen as ballsy and politically incorrect, the dark subject matter of Logan is truly a breath of fresh air. In this we see Wolverine losing his ability to heal, Charles Xavier suffering from Alzheimer’s to the point where he’s like a terrorist weapon and the world in the film is a dystopian future where mutants are endangered and as far as most know, a new one has been born in years. This really is the kind of idea from a fan favorite graphic novel and you say to yourself…

“Boy, wouldn’t it be cool if that was ever made into a movie?”

And in most situations that’s all it can ever be, a daydream……or a studio spends 250 million dollars on it and three years hyping it up only to shit the bed in the worst way……

And then proceed to shit the bed even worse later that year.

Suicide Squad wasn’t all bad, at least it gave porn stars another way to dress up like Harley Quinn.

Never could one imagine a story like Old Man Logan not only making it to the big screen but also not being watered down.

I’m a big fan of gory exploitation films so to watch a movie where the studio spent 100 million dollars this dark and violent is truly something that made my heart grow three sizes larger. Nowadays you’re lucky if a compelling R rated film gets a ten million dollar budget so to see a tent pole film where an eleven year old girl tosses a decapitated head is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Luckily it was a success in every way imaginable.

This was allegedly Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal as Wolverine but he has also stated he wouldn’t mind playing Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Personally I feel after Logan he should hang it up because anything Disney/Marvel could offer wouldn’t even compare to the scenes from Logan that were left on the cutting room floor.

The best way to sum up Logan is that we’re finally getting a Marvel related film that doesn’t insult your intelligence and values the time you spend on it. Check it out because who knows if you’ll ever see a story as compelling as this one in a Marvel film ever again.

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