Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #3: Return Of The Living Dead

It’s obvious to say that George A. Romero is the God and creator of the modern day zombie. The concept of zombies existed before George Romero but only through African voodoo, African voodoo in movies written and created by white people so you can imagine the level of racism.

This makes it even more fascinating that George Romero took this concept that was rooted in racism and made a film where the dead rising in unexplained, the lead is a black man and the ending has an incredible social message.

There are two things George Romero’s films did that I feel most zombie themed films and television tend to only focus on one side of. Stuff like The Walking Dead and other drama heavy horror focus more on the apocalyptic world that the zombie virus has cause and how it’s brought out the ugliest side of some humans.

Then there’s stuff like Return Of The Living Dead that focus on the incredible use of gore well known in George Romero’s films.

Return Of The Living Dead is the type of horror film that appeals to my taste in the best way imaginable. It’s a very well done horror film that is fun to watch, that embraces that gory camp that is part of the genre. Personally I prefer this or Scout’s Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse over The Walking Dead. The post-apocalyptic drama just didn’t do anything for me, so much so that when Negan arrives in The Waling Dead, I’m thankful someone who’s entertaining and fun has entered this incredibly serious world.

The MVP of Return Of The Living Dead by far is Linnea Quigley.

There’s a scene where she strips down to the point where she’s wearing nothing but leggings and dances around naked in a graveyard surrounded by punks wielding flares. Nudity in horror is also something I miss and  wish was more of a common occurrence in new horror films. Not only is Linnea nude is this scene but from then on is running around naked until she’s killed……..only to come back as a naked zombie. She’s fucking awesome.

Return Of The Living Dead is a must watch for the large chunk of the horror community who were raised in the horror section of their local rental store surrounded by fun gory masterpieces. This to me is a wonderful film from the time period where horror was so fun and thrilling, before the blood and tits began disappearing. The comical fun and entertainment is very much appreciated.

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