Throwback Thursday Story: Baby Wants To Fuck

Jesus fucking Christ, reading over this shit is horrifying lol. Well where the fuck do I begin with this one?

Well… you can tell I wasn’t in a real good place during the time I was writing this. I had a lot of anger and aggression that I was venting out through writing and it certainly shows. I think my writing is just as weird and absurd now as it is here, but I don’t know if it’s as dark and shocking…..although normal people would probably disagree with this. One thing I know is I’m far happier and positive than I was at the time of writing this.

The story is 350 words long and I wrote many stories that were 350 words because after recalling the whole Tree Fiddy Loch Ness Monster shit in South Park I thought it would be cool and creative to see how fucked up and dark a story could get in 350 words. The case in this one and all the others…..shit can get pretty fucked in 350 words.



“I cannot fucking believe you’re here right now with this bullshit.” said Jaron.

“Jaron please,” said Jaron’s girlfriend Stacey. “This is completely fucking serious. The fortune teller predicted ten years ago today would be the day.”

“I just cannot fucking believe you’re this stupid. It was probably just some fortune teller bored out of his or her fucking mind and decided to fuck with you. If that fortune teller could see you right now they would probably laugh their ass off and shake their head in amazement.”

“The fortune teller was completely serious when she told me that a baby would find me and rape me.”

Jaron held his forehead and shook his head.

“I can’t fucking believe this. I fuck a girl who is terrified a baby is going to rape her. My o my. I’m fucking telling you, after tonight I’m hiring some experts to update my dating profile because I obviously need someone’s fucking help.”

Stacey started to cry.

“Cry all you want you crazy bitch. I’m still not going to feel sympathy for some crazy cunt who thinks a baby is coming to rape her.”

Jaron looked at his front door, barricaded with bookshelves and shook his head.

“So this is my fucking life.”

Jaron got up to use the bathroom.

“Jaron where are you going?”

“To the bathroom.”

“B-but the baby….”

“This imaginary baby isn’t going to stop me from having a fucking bile movement, and if he or she does come I hope it rapes you in the mouth and shuts you the fuck up.”

Jaron slammed the bathroom door and Stacey hugged her knees to her chest.

Several minutes later, Jaron kicked the bathroom door open. He was standing in the doorway in a diaper and baby cap. In his hand he held a rattler.

“No, no no no o god no.” said Stacey shaking her head.

“Ughhhhhhhh mommy, baby wants to fuck. Baby wants fucking fuck.”

Jaron held down Stacey and raped her. He fucked her throat so she couldn’t cry out for help. He beat her brains in with the rattler.

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