Britney Spears’s Lucky: A Cry For Help And A Preview Of Things To Come


Of all the songs Britney Spears has released, this one is my favorite. It probably has to do with nostalgia of seeing the video so often when I was a kid and the fact it’s not overplayed like Toxic. In fact, when I mention this song it feels like I’m bringing up someone who was at a party but was in fact a ghost that only I could see.

When I listen to this song again it feels like it’s almost some sort of warning of what would come in the mid-2000s, when the outside world temporarily succeeded in destroying the mental health of Britney.

The song’s plot centers on a movie star who is unfulfilled with all her success and really wants a significant other in her life. The way Britney’s own concerns and cries for help bleed into this song truly make it stand out among the rest of her catalog.

It’s obvious to anybody listening to this song that Lucky is in fact Britney. It’s easy to forget, but Britney Spears was practically an overnight success with her very first single and music video Hit Me Baby One More Time. From one perspective her life was perfect, she achieved everything and was getting rich from doing what she loved. From another perspective, it was the end of a normal life.

Keep in mind, Britney was I believe sixteen years old during the heyday of Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Britney at the beginning of her career was really being shoved into a box of being a child that was sexualized in the creepiest way imaginable. She was still a child when she was strutting around in a catholic school girl outfit and pigtails.

How many times have we seen that look in porn?

After just turning seventeen her first album was released, the cover is of Britney on her knees looking up towards the camera, smiling and begging with her eyes, the words Baby One More Time in the corner of the picture.

The fact that she was never kidnapped, raped and murdered by a deranged pedophile is a miracle.

There was even a countdown that people were aware of when Britney was going to turn eighteen.

This bizarre Lolita image and her hectic schedule perhaps had a poisonous effect on her dating life. There’s no telling what kind of rumors or photoshopped images of her went viral in the infant days of the internet when celebrities certainly weren’t prepared for the power of online communities.

So when she began working on her second album a year after releasing an incredibly successful one, it makes sense for a song like Lucky to be on it. Britney was probably begging for a break from the overwhelming workload that no other teenager could ever handle, and judging by the title of this track she probably had people around her telling her she shouldn’t complain, that she was lucky to be where she was at.

The song Lucky is three minutes and twenty six minutes of a rather exclusive look into Britney Spears’s private life. To me it’s my personal favorite of hers because it’s honest and far more truthful than we’re used to seeing a pop star as huge and iconic as Britney Spears was and still is.

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