Clips To Whack Off To: Kimmy Granger Picked Up And Duel Creampied W/ Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins

This clip really has me stumped about the power of Johnny Sins’ cock. I can’t tell if his cock makes girls go full retard…….

Or if it’s like acid, sending you into another dimension as you attempt to process thoughts and feelings never felt before.

Kissa Sins and Kimmy Granger seem to go full retard for his dick, grunting and giggling in a rather crazed and delirious fashion, but it could also be another language spoken only by those who have rode and sucked Johnny Sins.

At times it sounds like they’re crazed and hysterical as they grunt, like Tom Hanks in Cast Away when he could light a fire for the first time. Other times it sounds as good as the language they speak in Avatar, although I think that just speaks to how much of a piece of shit Avatar is.

Almost ten years later I’m still asking why people saw that movie. Then again, the latest Fast and Furious set box office records so I guess there’s always a legion of retards slack jawed and drooling as they sit in the theater watching whatever Hollywood shit out onto the screen after a night of drinking Bud Ice.

Overall is this a clip to whack off to? I don’t know. The weird hysterical grunting fuckathon is more fascinating to watch in a “What in the fuck is happening?” way. They turn into such animals at times I was wondering if I was watching the opening to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Give it a watch and see if you can masturbate to a group of people who are grunting and laughing like they’ve been up for five days on cocaine.


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