Tales From The Hood Review


The 90s can be seen as a dark (in a bad way) and low point in horror. One of the first things I’m able to recall are the lame teen horror films like I Know What You Did Last Summer that replaced the gory slasher films of the 80s once they lost popularity and studio executives noticed how well young adult pulp fiction books were selling. There were also a number of films such as Silence of The Lambs and Seven that used just enough elements of horror to get genre fans into the theater but not enough to where they would be looked down upon by snob critics and be lumped into a category with films such as Slumber Party Massacre.

In the last year of the decade The Blair Witch Project was released which can be debated whether or not it’s a good film. What can’t be debated is how it led to the creation of dozens of other found footage films, perhaps the worst sub-genre of horror.

Sadly what’s usually left out of the 90s horror movie discussion is Tales From The Hood, a film that is not only better in quality and more entertaining than most horror films of its time but also tackled serious issues like police brutality, domestic abuse, racism and black on black violence. In a genre that at the time and still to this day thinks a creature who is pushed back by a crucifix is horror, seeing the true horrors of reality spun into this film was and still is very fresh to see. Like the god of horror Stephen King, Tales From The Hood demonstrates how most of the stomach churning horror is created by human beings.

Yes, this film has a character who is a racist politician and resembles Trump.

I can’t understand why critics and die-hard fans of horror weren’t more receptive to this but I can understand why the average movie goer isn’t aware how groundbreaking and amazing this film is. The title of this movie as well as the poster give the impression that you’re about to see a lame gimmicky film with zero intelligence behind it.

I honestly feel as if this might be without a doubt the worst poster of all time.

Maybe it’s because of Leprechaun In The Hood that one would look at this title and think this film is going to be a horror themed minstrel show and not a quality film.

Horror + minstrel show= this bullshit ^

Thankfully because of the amazing people at Scream Factory, Tales From The Hood not only is available on Blu-Ray but the artwork on the front is beautiful and on par with the quality of this film.

I’ll avoid saying too much about Tales From The Hood in case a single person who has never seen it comes across this and is intrigued by what I have to say. If you are in fact someone who has never seen Tales From The Hood just know that Tales From The Hood is horror anthology that is holds its own against Black Sabbath, Tales From The Crypt and Creepshow. Not only is it a successful horror anthology film but it’s without a doubt one of the most important horror films to be released in the past twenty five years.

What I love most about this film is the balance of supernatural campy gory horror and the intense serious subject matter.

Simply put, Tales From The Hood in my eyes belongs in the canon of important horror films

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