Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #2: I Saw What You Did

I was actually excited to rent this. I had heard about the films the great William Castle did with the legendary Joan Crawford and up until now had never seen one.

The thought of what this film could’ve been is far more pleasing than the actual product.

After viewing House On Haunted Hill and The Tingler I would think there would be something in this film that would make it stand out. William Castle was someone who usually thought outside the box. Unfortunately, this film is a bore and a bad rip-off of Alfred Hitchock’s style. There’s a stabbing shower scene where the victim is thrown through the glass door and since this came five years after Psycho, it’s obvious this is a blatant steal of one of the most iconic scenes for a quick cash grab.

I wasn’t able to finish this movie and with a running time of not even ninety minutes, it really shows the low quality of this film.

The main plot revolves around prank phone calling and the prank phone calls go on endlessly before we finally get to the prank call that the plot centers around. I would imagine not one shot of a prank phone call was left on the cutting room floor.

And Joan Crawford? Her role is as long as this sentence.

The only reason I’m even reviewing this film is because it somehow made it to Blu-Ray, which speaks to how lucrative horror films are when something as abysmal as this can make it onto Blu-Ray.

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