Clips To Whack Off To: Mouth Full Of Cum! Yum!

First off, the title of this clip pisses me off. It lets you know the guy is going to blow his load. I hate spoilers. Maybe the guy comes, maybe the girl is stroking his cock and gagging, sucking him as far as she can go and then she hears The Bachelorette coming on in the living room and spits out his cock, leaving him to bitterly masturbate alone.




The first thing I liked about this video was the way the girl is in a lovely sweater and panties. I’m pretty sure I speak for all guys when I say….ladies, we don’t care about your boobs. When it comes to the bedroom if your sweater game is on point we will cum harder than we ever would if you just whipped out the ol baby feeders.

Then again….maybe wanting to see a hottie in a sweater is just a Twin Peaks fandom thing.

The point where I was hardest when I watched this video was when she massaged the guy’s balls. She eagerly rubbed and kneaded them. Personally I like when a girl grabs my balls and quotes Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet….



I will warn you that this video features rather slow and hypnotic dick sucking, similar to the tea cup and silver spoon in Get Out. So if you’re black, watch out because you might be taken into The Sunken Place and dead white people will be able to possess you. Spoilers.

A majority of this video, the blowjob is very tender and slow paced. You could really focus on her motions and meditate to this. I’m pretty sure this video is part of David Lynch’s million dollar Transcendental Meditation class. In the last forty five seconds or so, bitch starts bobbing her head like this dude’s cock is a bomb that needs to be detonated and is headbanging like she’s front row at a Cannibal Corpse show.

He cums…..


The female in this video, apparently acting as a mama bird to a group of barely legal amateur porn stars goes to a nest of four of them and slowly spits a few drips of cum into every girl’s mouth. They eat it, thanking their mama bird before falling into a restful slumber before another day of degrading videos their high school classmates will share and laugh at.

Overall a clip worth whacking off to? Of course! So why are you wasting more time reading my bullshit? Pull down your undies, click on the link aaaaaaaand…….


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