Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Civil War Over Spider-Man’s New Suit

The newest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has been released and fans are divided after seeing Spider-Man’s high tech suit in action. The action sequences for some look as if they’re attempting to duplicate what made Iron Man a success, making fans wonder if Marvel is interested more in creating something that will make a large amount of money duplicating a successful formula and not a film true to the Spider-Man character.

This side and point of view have their reasons for doubt. From what has been seen it Spider-Man: Homecoming looks more like Iron Man Jr. This will also be the third time in fifteen years that we are seeing a new face as Spider-Man.

There are also people who will be saving judgement and critique after viewing the film.

Personally I have more concern regarding Marvel’s inability to create compelling villains. It is impossible to have interesting superheroes without a villain who pushes the hero past their comfort zone, truly testing them to see if they’re capable of being called a superhero and for me, this is something I’ve seen maybe a handful of times from the Marvel universe.

With someone as talented as Michael Keaton stepping in to play their villain, Spider-Man: Homecoming just might overcome this weakness in the shared universe.

Will Spider-Man: Homecoming fit into the Marvel universe? Have film studios learned you can’t make a good Spider-Man film while juggling three villains? I guess time will tell.

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