Scary Movies To Watch In The Dark #1: Clown

I heard about Clown before so when I saw it was on Netflix I decided to give it a view. A horror clown film produced by Eli Roth? Certainly worth my time.

Some horror fans shit on Eli Roth for being someone who’s made films in what’s part of the “torture porn” sub-genre in horror. The hatred for what is considered torture porn was always something I found to be annoying. Critics were eager to crucify these directors and yet not so much the uncreative small minds behind 90s PG-13 teen horror films. Personally I’ve found more redeeming qualities in the Saw sequels compared to overly serious independent horror films where it’s obvious the director wants to be considered on the level of Stanley Kubrick making The Shining.

Now onto the film.

Clown is a horror film I think most in this day and age would have a very hard time giving a chance. People are eager to give up on something that isn’t keeping them entertained and packed with action every second. For the first forty five minutes of Clown it’s a slow build as we’re introduced to characters and the situation regarding this evil cursed clown outfit. The fifty minutes that proceed the slow build were incredibly enthralling and entertaining.

Clown goes into territories that few films are confident in going towards. The story of Clown is very much in the style of a Grimm fairy tale. The evil spirit within the costume is always hungry and only feeds on the flesh of children. This gives you an idea of who the victims will be. The way Clown tells this tale with its incredible use of gore is refreshing in a time when horror films have relied too heavy on haunted barn maze like jump scares.

Speaking of jump scares, this film has little to none which is always a plus. If all the horror and fear in a film relies on someone suddenly walking into frame as a loud music cue happens, the movie is not worth anybody’s time.

Clown is a great horror film, one that is comfortable and confident in that after its slow build it will be an entertaining film that you’ll be invested in.

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