My First Viewing Of Mr. Pickles

Mr. Pickles is a show I’ve heard about for awhile now. Until viewing it I knew very little about it. I seemed to understand it was about a serial killing dog and that it was very surreal, something that I always love. There’s also something going around on Facebook of some dumb cunt or someone pretending to be one of those Trump loving retards Shares From Your Aunt mocks who apparently turned on Adult Swim at six am, horrified and triggered to see Mr. Pickles was on.

If only Mr. Pickles could rip her face off and rape her on a bed of human faces…

Nothing can really prepare you for the insanity of Mr. Pickles. The show in a way is like if someone put together a slideshow of Garbage Pail Kids cards. Multiple characters are vomiting, there’s bile on the walls and I would very strongly advise you not to eat during this show.

The show always moves at breakneck ADD speed which I love. I mean how many times can one watch a boring two plus hour foreign film or worse a two and a half hour Disney Marvel film that takes forever to get to the fucking point? I believe every episode is about ten minutes and there is so much content and insanity to digest within that time period. Let me try to remember all of what I saw in my first episode.

There was something about a racing derby, the mom and her friend were trashing the home so the dad could see what it’s like when the mom isn’t doing her job, the dad had to fill in for his boss which he failed at and the boss’s steroid using wife comes into the arcade the boss is at and kicks his ass, the grandpa falls in love with a vacuum and uses it to keep Mr. Pickles away which eventually backfires when he gets his cock sucked up and fucks the vacuum on a bed made of human faces, at one point Mr. Pickles rescues the kid on the vacuum and they win first place in the derby, there’s a 1950s greaser who is trapped at the bottom of Dead Man’s Curve, Mr. Pickles uses his satanic forces to get the rats to free him, mom’s friend Linda uses her shitty body to get some repairmen to fix up the mom’s house and that greaser is trying to get his girl back who is with the same greaser she was with seventy years prior who is voiced by Tracy Morgan.

^ Ten fucking minutes, I feel like somebody stuck their cock into my head and fucked me without a condom.

But this show is fucking great. It’s the 2017 adult version of those crazy and outside the box shows that made 90s Nickelodeon so amazing and always reminiscent of MTV when after the music video phase they had some very tripper counter culture television before becoming plastic and superficial.

If you love the weird and surreal, Mr. Pickles certainly fills the whole that Metalocalypse left behind.

PS- Brooke fucking Shields is on this show. Who knew she was the coolest person on the planet?

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