Lady Gaga-The Cure

This song has really made me realize how much time has passed since I was in high school.

During my junior year, Lady Gaga’s The Fame skyrocketed into popularity with songs such as Just Dance and Poker Face. When we all watched the music video for Poker Face and watched this glamorous being emerging from a pool with a disco ball mask on, we took it as millennials finally getting their Madonna, someone who was ironically praising the glamour and fame of her time.

And who could ever forget the Paparazzi video with Lady Gaga as some kind of glamorous Tiny Tim? The visuals of a video were so disturbing and creative. Part of Gaga’s power in the way she hypnotized my generation was her surrealism with videos like Bad Romance that looked like David Lynch’s version of Pan’s Labyrinth. She truly was the queen of being dark, weird, disturbing and creative during my final years as a teen.

And as I said previously, The Cure really puts into perspective how long ago that was.

Multiple times I found myself listening to this song wondering if this is the same Lady Gaga who had music videos that were like a millennial spin on the quality era of Tim Burton’s career.

It’s just hard to process that Lady Gaga is the same Lady Gaga singing The Cure which if we’re being honest is a mediocre cash grab, ripping off the generic electronic music that The Chainsmokers are infecting the world with. There is absolutely no way anybody can disagree with the fact she is ripping off the “style” of The Chainsmokers. The Cure has a mediocre electronic beat and mindless lyrics about being in love with somebody, which is something The Chainsmokers have made loads of money from.

These are actual lines from The Cure, not a D List YouTube star’s parody of this song.

“Close your eyes, I’ll sing your favorite song

I wrote you this lullaby

Hush now baby, don’t you cry”

It honestly sounds like a group of songwriters locked themselves in a room, listened to Closer, Paris and Something Just Like This, scribbled out a song in under fifteen minutes, quickly put together a beat and Lady Gaga stumbled in immediately after drinking her first cup of coffee that day and sent it to the nearest radio station an hour later.

But mediocrity as usual is rewarded. The Cure is Lady Gaga’s first top ten hit in almost six years.

But going back to what I recall of Lady Gaga when I was in high school, she never seemed like one who would dumb herself down for a mass audience.

Times change.

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