Miley Cyrus- Malibu Music Video

I have a daily word count I like to always meet successfully and five people might give this a look so let’s talk about this dumb bitch Miley Cyrus and her new music video.

Before I look at this music video, I’d like to address her recent comments that have been so cuckoo bananas in order to promote this new vanilla bland music she’s putting out.

First thing she’s stated is that she hasn’t smoked weed in three weeks and likes to surround herself with people that make her better and apparently she’s noticing those are people who don’t smoke weed. Is this fucking cunt resurrecting D.A.R.E.? And spoiler alert for the music video to Malibu, zero creativity or hard work to be found.

She also went into blabbing about the Hemsworth brother she collects cum from and talked about how she doesn’t like guys who are too masculine and how he doesn’t like to be identified as a straight dude. Twenty four years old, still comes across like an eighteen year old on a college campus, smoking weed for the very first time and reading a blog post about gender identity.

She mentioned how she wants to get back to her “country roots” and is saddened at how country fans are afraid of her. This bitch has never been country, Faith Hill country yes but not actual country. O you wore Daisy Dukes while barefoot in the Tennessee mountains, yeah you’re George fucking Jones. Country music nowadays is generic pop/rock music but the singer sings with a bit of a twing/twang in their voice. Doesn’t make you country you pressed flannel shirt, designer blue jean wearing cocksuckers.

Then she finally stated that her sound won’t be “granola”, like Ed Sheeran and John Mayer. This is like Five Finger Death Punch saying they won’t be doing music for Monster chugging, Fast and Furious watching douchebag bros that listen to Avenged Sevenfold.

And now onto the music video.

As one would guess, it’s vanilla, granola and as generic like a Nicholas Sparks film. To keep people watching the entire thing, Miley Cyrus walks around the beach in a bikini. Even if she flashed her pussy you’d find yourself dozing off for a few seconds while watching this very very boring video. Boy, it certainly makes you wish she’d take a hit off a bong so there’d be something worth watching like in the We Can’t Stop video.

Overall, unless you’re a generic white girl/woman who has Live Laugh Love somewhere in your home or office, you’ll probably find this music video and song to be very dull and boring. It’s so dull, boring and white that when I hear it I have to take a double glance at my surroundings because my ears tell me I’m inside of a Hollister shopping for the perfect pair of jeans for a bonfire.

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