Elle Review

I first heard about Elle through Bret Easton Ellis’s podcast. Now that I reflect on his praise for the film, it seems as if Bret Easton Ellis wasn’t praising Elle for being such a great film but more for the fact that Elle is a very shocking film with twists and turns that would make a lot of people uncomfortable.

I’ll be honest, my first reaction to Elle was that it was a bit of a very dull uphill climb. Outside of the heart racing scenes, there’s quite a bit of dead air. At two hours and ten minutes, Elle at times feels like a Charles Dickens book, something doing whatever it can to fill empty spaces that everybody praises perhaps a little too hard. But in a world surrounded by squeaky clean CGI films, I’m able to recognize Elle as a much needed breath of fresh air flaws and all.

Elle stars Isabelle Huppert in a certainly one of the most important roles that has ever been created for a female as a CEO of a video game company who is doing whatever it takes to learn the identity of her rapist. Elle is a very important film due to the obsession with victim culture and how in recent years that seems to be all we’ve seen. Elle explores the dark corners of sexuality with a female character who stands tall and soldiers on through the hellish storm that is her life.

If you’re someone who feels surrounded by squeaky clean and mindless entertainment, Elle is certainly a must watch. Even with the dull scenes that seem to serve no purpose other than filling two plus hours, Elle is an incredible film regarding the complications of sexuality. It also should be seen as essential viewing for any creator serious about strong female leads.

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