Fences Review

This movie should be titled Why The Academy Awards Are A Fucking Joke.

I say this because the fact that Casey Affleck’s performance in Manchester By The Sea can even be in the same category as Denzel Washington as Troy Maxson AND win Best Actor is a fucking travesty. There are so many lines and an attitude that playing such a role demands from an actor. It’s a fucking role that JAMES EARL JONES ORIGINATED! Can you imagine the size of those shoes that are required to fill?

Casey Affleck mumbling his way through a two hour film beat out Denzel Washington as Troy Maxson? Give me a fucking break. I guess I shouldn’t be upset by this since it probably doesn’t get under Denzel Washington’s skin anymore. After losing to Al Pacino in Scent of A Woman after giving a once of a lifetime performance in Malcolm X, I’m pretty sure nobody knows the stupidity of The Academy Awards more than Denzel Washington.

Fences is a truly incredible work of art. It really should go without saying that Viola Davis as Rose easily holds her on when she’s acting alongside Denzel Washington. I really don’t think anybody is better at tearing up and breaking down while still able to deliver their lines with such ease and talent as Viola Davis.

The cast for this film is wonderful. Myketi Williamson gives a fantastic performance as Gabriel, a character that requires and actor who knows what they’re doing in order to avoid the role going into I Am Sam territory. Russell Hornsby is easily watchable as Lyons, a man who possesses a voice that is similar to that of James Earl Jones, deep and hypnotic. Talented stage actor Stephen Henderson gives it his all as Jim Bono and Jovan Adepo was very successful in playing the role of Cory, a role that requires one to stand toe to toe with the great Denzel Washington.

Even Saniyva Sidney as Raynell gives an incredible performance for a child actor. There’s a look in her facial expression and eyes that makes her come across as someone far wise than all of their years, who understands what is going on around them far more than any child could or should.

Fences delivers in every way that you would ask and demand from it. The fact that Denzel Washington has been a working actor for over 35 years now and is not only starring in a film with a superior level of quality like Fences but also directed it is an incredible feat. It’s amazing to me that the man isn’t merely coasting and going through the motions, instead continuing to improve and add more to his arsenal as an artist.

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